Our leadership collectively has over 4 decades of Christmas light installation experience to share. Get involved and stay connected with us and let’s grow together. Try our contractor network today!


Our shop offers and provides the best quality Christmas light materials and supplies at unbeatable prices. Our products are shipped right to your doorstep anywhere in the country from Houston Texas!


Would you like to learn how to install like a professional? Have you ever considered starting a Christmas light installation business? This is a decision you could make today that will change your life forever!



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Where else can you find a ministry that specializes in new business start-ups and has a proven track record of running successful businesses. Regardless of where you are or what level of experience you currently possess, we can assist you in getting to the next level. Becoming a blessing in the Christmas business can be mutually beneficial to everyone involved including your clients. This experience however also could become overwhelming and stressful without the right training and support. We at Kingdom Business want you to know that we’re here to help and want to breath life into your dreams until they become a reality.

Defining our WHY….

I guess it’s not really as much about the who, what, when and where as much as it’s about your WHY. Why did you choose to get into the Christmas light installation business? Many people are looking to fill in a gap of income of the lack there of during the holidays. There’s plenty to be made for sure so you’re in the right place! Others like myself have found the niche market that we can live out our childhood dream. Let’s be honest, what’s better than installing Christmas lights while seeing the smiling faces and filling up Santa’s bag full of cash? I personally enjoy bringing the light everywhere I go and sharing the good news about the birth of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.

Our business was founded by a ministry (WHY Kingdom Ministries) that is located right here in the great state of Texas. Our mission has been to EDUCATE, EMPLOY and EMPOWER and that’s exactly where we’re doing right here. Men, now is the time to change your life by helping someone else change theirs. Last season we were able to put over 50 men to work who represented families needing money during the holidays. These men (and a few women) made more money than they have every made in their life and it’s all a result of careful preparation and great relationships. As a small local business, we were able to install 643 properties which included some very complex commercial projects. You can achieve greatness too with a little help from your new friends. Let’s get started!

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