About Us

Cooperate Structure

There’s often confusion of how we got started and regarding our organization being a non-profit in some areas and then tax exempt for resale in others. Let us break it down for you so it’s easier to understand. Our organization was founded and seeded by a local Texas ministry named, WHY Kingdom Ministries.

The mission of WHY Kingdom Ministries is to educate, employ and empower our youth to take leadership in their families, the workplace and our community through God’s church. We believe the church on Sunday experience is not weening our spiritual infants and we need to (in some cases) uncouple the proverbial ambilocal cord from the teacher. This is WHY we believe is we can teach a trade, money management, marketing and biblical life lessons, we will have provided the tools necessary to live a Kingdom life. Imagine what life could be if you’re dreams became a reality in the name of Jesus. Since we don’t have a brick and mortar church yet, the ministry is funded by the clients who choose to employ our Kingdom Business. Remember, dreams are only dreams until you write them down. Then they become goals.

Kingdom Business

The idea of a ministry creating a way for it’s parishioners to live a Kingdom lifestyle every day of the year should not be ground breaking. Most churches request servant leaders to volunteer their time, talent and treasure for the greater good of the Kingdom movement. We believe that if we can take a man with any type of background that is teachable, coachable and trainable, Jesus can do the rest in their lives. We’ve employed almost 80 men and a few women who represent families in the Houston area in 2020. Our plan is to continue to double our numbers every season as we have done for the past 3 years. Check out the companies that we have formed since the initial creation of Kingdom Business.


Kingdom Business has created and founded both Kingdom Roof and Fence and Kingdom Christmas Lights at the same time. These two companies are main contributors to our ministry and are paving the way for our Man School outreach.

Kingdom Christmas Lights

We employ 50 to 100 people from October to February and provide a residential and commercial Christmas light installation service in the greater Houston Texas area. This is truly a labor of love and a childhood dreams of our leadership Pastor. If you’re interested in getting Christmas lights installed or would like to set up your own business around where you live, we are always ready to help.

Kingdom Roof and Fence

Working by the sweat of your brow and providing a quality roofing or fencing product in the greater Houston area is our sole purpose. More men (and sometimes women) can be taught the fencing trade which can provide the income to maintain a family. This “for profit” business has soared over the past decade and is now considered the top fencing business in our area in addition to being named the “Roofer of the Year” for the second straight year. Once again, if you’re looking to have some residential or commercial roofing / fencing done, we’re available. For those who are looking to expand their footprint and would like to be trained on starting your own roofing and/or fencing business, we’re also here to help.

Future Ministry Outreach

Moving forward, we’re planning on a literal groundbreaking year of expansion. Our ministry is about to acquire a property that can handle the growth of our organization. It’s our aim to also introduce real estate service that will assist “for sale by owner” clients with advertising and listing where any proceeds would be a tax write off and a direct donation into our outreach. If that wasn’t exciting enough, we will continue to expand on our Kingdom News, Kingdom Marketing and Kingdom Radio as we have since the beginning. Let’s connect and see what your Kingdom is going to look like this season! #AskWHYKingdom #BusinessWHY #KingdomRoof #KingdomXmas #KingdomConnection