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There’s many different reasons WHY people get into the Christmas light installation business. Some are interested in adding a service to their existing business model that will assist in keeping their workers busy during the slower winter season. Other business owners are seeking to increase their revenue and their client database during the holidays. It safe to say that most people are looking to “cash in” on the proverbial modern day gold rush and become a Christmas light installation professional. Regardless of what your motivation is for getting into this industry, we’re here to help and have a proven track record of success in this industry. Let’s start with our track record…

In 2018, our founder Ron Robey created Kingdom Christmas Lights which is a company that provides Christmas light installation services for both residential and commercial projects. Unlike many other entrepreneurs who are starting a business, Ron didn’t have much more than a cell phone. In fact, the laptop that originally started this business was purchased on credit nearly a week before the company began it’s online formation. In present day 2022, this company leads all Christmas light installation contractors in one of the largest markets in the United States. Without going into the full story of WHY this financial and personal hardship was the starting point of this business, it’s important to understand that regardless of how little you currently have, we have the road map to get you here and beyond.

Kingdom Connection through was formed to take over the Christmas light distribution side of the Houston Texas area and beyond. One of the key ingredients that catapulted Kingdom Christmas Lights into the position that it is now is the ability to purchase materials at factory direct prices. As a smaller company, is difficult to compete with your local landscapers who purchase their lighting from Home Depot and are willing to work for minimal profits. It’s also challenging to keep up with the local professionals who offer commercial grade lighting while you’re forced to pay close to retail for “contractor pricing” at your local hardware store or irrigation supply.

This is the reason WHY Kingdom Connection was created and founded so that you could have the tools, resources and platform to be successful in this industry. In the same breath, let’s not kid ourselves in thinking that we can purchase better or learn more than our competitors to get to the top. The true hustlers and motivated individuals in our communities will always find a way to be on top. This is a quality that you must possess to be successful. The steps from start to finish are different from contractor to contractor and from area to area so let us develop a general business plan for you to get started!

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