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Click on the image of the product to see the description and more details.  The bulbs can be sold as low as 55 cents each based on your purchase quantity.  For any further questions regarding ordering or the delivery of our products, please contact us at sales@christmascontractor.com  

Pure White


Cool White


Below you will see a list of socket wire and green blank wire that will be needed to complete your C9 installation.  Here at Kingdom Connection, we only carry the best SPT-1 socket wire and green wire.

1000' C9 Socket Wire 12''

250' Lamp Cord Spool

1000' C9 Socket Wire 15''


Let’s take a look at some of the accessories you’re going to need to power up your Christmas light display this season.  Remember, you’re going to need male and females, extension cords, clips and potentially yard stakes and lamp cord.

Female Connections

Male Connections

3 Way Adaptors

EZ Set Timers

Extension Cords


There are many different ways to connect your C9 socket wire to a surface.  If it’s a metal surface, try our new magnet clips.  If you’re attaching to a shingle or gutter, the Kingdom Clip in the answer.  There’s also many other clips that are used by professional contractors.

Circle Clips

Ridge Clips

Yard Stakes

Kingdom Clip

Magnet Clips


When you’re looking to wrap your trees, garland or wreaths in mini lights, this is exactly what you need.  Our mini lights are commercial grade and match industry standard color hues.

Sun Warm White 50/4

Sun Warm White 50/6

Red 50\4

Red 50\6

Blue 50/4

Pure White 50\4

Multi-Color 50\6

Green 50/4

Pink 50\4

Yellow 50\4

Orange 50/4

Purple 50\4


The more you look, the more you’ll see distributors attempting to copy this product.  There is ONLY one Spritzer that is sold in the market that is backed by the manufacture.

Classic White 16''

Red 16'' Twinkle

Pure White 16'' Twinkle

Red 24''

Classic White 24''

PW, Red & Green 24''

Patriotic 36''

Classic White 36''

Pink 36''


If you’re looking for the teardrop look in your trees or would like to transform your property into the “Frozen House”, this is what you need!  The “Light Drops” are priced to sell and screw into the C9 socket wire.

PW 12'' Light Drop

Red 12'' Light Drop

SWW 12'' Light Drop

PW 36'' Light Drop

Red 36'' Light Drop

SWW 36'' Light Drop


Beautiful commercial grade wreaths, bows and garland are exactly what you need to make this Christmas one to remember!  Check out our selection of PREMIUM GREENERY!

36'' Pre-Lit SWW Wreath

48'' Pre-Lit SWW Wreath

60" Pre-Lit SWW Wreath

Pre-Lit 9' Noble Garland

Pre-Lit 9' Premium Garland


Beautiful commercial grade wreaths, bows and garland are exactly what you need to make this Christmas one to remember!  Check out our selection of PREMIUM GREENERY!

18" Vinyl Bow

24'' Vinyl Bow

30'' Vinyl Bow

48" Vinyl Bow

24'' Hybrid Bow

36'' Hybrid Bow


Shop with confidence here at Kingdom Connection and ChrismasContractor.com.  Below you’ll see a list of the items that are now in your cart.  Please note that the larger the quantities, the more savings you’ll experience.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us by calling 832-429-4959 or email us at sales@ChristmasContractor.com

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