Advanced Contractors 2

Let’s Continue…

Let me start by thanking you for continuing to read this advanced contractor section. Never was it my personal intention to train people how to start their own Christmas light installation business but rather how to work in my business. Now that we’ve made the leap toward the next level, this reminds me back when I first started at a “door to door sales” company (AT&T). The classic DDD or better said, Demonstrate, Duplicate and Disappear was the recipe for building teams. In order to successfully scale your business to the next level you must be able to either DO or TEACH each individual job along the way. For example, when you first started your business, you handled everything including but not limited to the entry level position. Once you had the resources and leadership needed to hire someone, you taught them how to do the entry level position so you can back up.

The act of duplicating yourself is the single most important characteristic between successful people and others who are trying to get there. It’s true that it’s nearly impossible to find another you but think of it on a different scale. You might not be able to find someone to replace you and your current responsibilities but you could however train someone to perform the entry level position the way you would personally do it. At this moment you have the chance to back up and then run a team of people doing the entry level position. This is the beginning of leadership and running a team which I can cover in more detail on our blog page.

Running a team of people efficiently can be very rewarding for a short period of time. Soon however you’ll be itching to multiply and expand into several teams. The art of DDD will stay in effect as you can have your trainee (who has now mastered the entry level position) to train a few more people how to do the same thing. Now someone is advancing in your company! The other workers will naturally become motivated in a competitive but healthy way to be ready for the next opportunity. You can now teach the worker who understands the entry level position how to run a small team of people doing it. (Because you just mastered it yourself) This frees up your time to do the same thing again and again and again. Now you’re focused on forming your organization! That’s exciting!!!

At some point, you become very successful in your Christmas light installation business but the need to achieve the next level will never go away. Now once again we are trained to Demonstrate, Duplicate and then Disappear from the company you manage so you can run a team of companies. That’s where we are right now and that’s the motivating factor of us assisting people to start their own business, advance their existing businesses and move towards state level coverage and then eventually National coverage. We believe with the right training and the life changing networking that Kingdom Connection provides, you can do the same thing, one level at a time. “It’s my personal goal to get you to the next level.”-Ron

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