Ok Homeowners let’s get started!

How Do I Install Lights Myself?

There’s really 3 reasons WHY homeowners hire contractors to install lights on their homes. First is what is referred to in the sales process as the “Jones Effect”. This simply means that everyone else is doing it and the homeowner doesn’t want to be the only person on the street without lights on their house. The second motivating factor for hiring a contractor is to acquire commercial grade lighting materials. As you may have noticed, you’re not able to walk into a Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart and buy a spool of C9 socket wire or C9 LED replacement bulbs. It’s really not common for homeowners to have access to these commercial grade products especially at contractor pricing like our website offers. Lastly, the reason WHY people hire contractors verses decorating their homes themselves is because it can be extremely dangerous. This is WHY our slogan is: “If you can get on the roof, WHY pay through the roof?”

Let’s dive into some training that is designed to equip you with the training you need to successfully install your own Christmas lighting project. If nothing else, this training will allow you to differentiate between professional Christmas contractors who know what they’re doing and inexperienced lighting installers that are simply looking to make a buck during the holidays. Now before we start this training we want you to know that we’re certainly proud of you for considering taking this step and we want to encourage you to tackle you fears is applicable. 🙂

Step 1. Understand the Scope of Work

Much like Dr. Luke suggests in Luke 14:28-30, it’s important to count and calculate your costs before starting. There would be nothing more embarrassing than getting halfway through the project and then realizing that you’re unable to finish it. My suggestion would be the most obvious parts first. Do you have a ladder that can reach every point of the roof needed to get the job done? If the answer is yes and your plan requires getting on the roof to install the lights, it’s a good idea to act that out before purchasing the lights. For example, if you think you’re going to walk down to the edge of the roof and hang the lights or climb up that peak and hang the lights, go ahead and give it a test run to make sure you feel comfortable doing that first. If I had a dollar for every time a homeowner has called our company asking for us to install the one piece his “ladder wouldn’t reach”, I would have at least a crisp Benjamin! (That means a 100 dollar bill)

Step 2. Material Calculation

What materials and how many are going to be needed for you project? That’s a very good and most homeowners think that they need less than they actually do. The most anal-retentive clients that are undoubtedly engineers seemed to be hardest to persuade. The survey of your property that illustrates that your home is 55′ wide in the front is not an accurate representation of how many lights you’re going to need on your street facing roofline edge. The way professionals like myself estimate homes quickly is by using an image of a home either on Google Earth (street view) or a photo that shows the entire front in one image. Once you have the photo, you can put in perspective the front door is typically 7′ x 3′ or a typical window is 3′ x 5′ or 16′. A normal double car garage door is 16′ x 7′ total so these measurements coupled with your trained eye will allow you to come up with 10′ scale. Another method of calculating the feet needed for a project is using the measurement tool (in feet) on Google Earth. This is handy for a wide variety of home improvement projects.

Now you just need to measure your property and consider all of the areas that you’re going to want decorated. This list could include windows, doors, archways, rooflines, ridgelines, walk paths, sidewalks, driveways, flower beds, trees, bushes and shrubs. While you’re considering this, please remember the cardinal rule with installing Christmas lights, “You DO NOT use hot glue on any surfaces other than brick or stone.” If still needing assistance with your measurements request Measurement Assistance in our shop. They’re only $15 and could possibly save you a fortune. Once you’re confident on the materials that you’re going to need, it’s time to purchase them online and have them delivered. I would personally suggest starting with a bundle pack that will make sure you have the basics to get the job done and then add on the additional materials needed to accomplish your decorating vision.

Step 3. Order the Materials

This part is very fun for us because you’re choosing colors and designs that you think would look good on your property. Let’s be honest, everyone likes to make decisions when it comes to Christmas lights and decorations. 🙂 How fun!!! As I stated in the previous paragraph, we recommend that you start with a bundle pack to make sure you’re not forgetting something you’ll need and then proceed with adding the additional products. If you already know what you want or would like to buy the lights in bulk to save a buck then we support you all of the way. In that scenario, just skip past the bundles and add each individual product and then change the quantities to see the savings. The first price break usually comes at the case pack quantity. Lastly, please remember that offers FREE SHIPPING so you don’t have to worry about the added costs of shipping on top of your order.

Step 4. Installation Day

Relax, you’ve got this! When you have all of the materials needed to get the job done, the first step is to identify where the power connections are going to be in relation to the outlets. This is not super important since you’re now dealing with commercial grade Christmas lighting products can be fully customized to your home. I just think having a clear plan before you start is a good idea. Now you’re going to install the lights to each surface using the new techniques you’ve learned. If you’re putting lights on a gutter or shingle, use the V2+ Circle Clip. If you’re attaching lights to a ridge line shingle, you can either use a 9/16 wide staple or a ridge clip. Lights that are being installed on a brick or stone surface will need a hot glue application and if you’re putting lights on the ground (grass, turf or dirt) then use the Minleon yard stake. Lastly, if the surface is metal then you’re going to need a magnet clip which we also offer here at Please watch the perspective videos for installation training and remember to turn on some Christmas music so your experience is special and memorable. (Kingdom Radio)

Step 5. Shine them BRIGHT

Now that you’re shinning bright for all of the world to see, send us a picture of what your home or business looks like. It makes us smile to see all of the self install kits lit up and the experiences that our clients have enjoyed during the process. The best of those photos and videos will be featured on our Kingdom Connection TOP 10 Countdown (as we do every New Year’s Eve) for our friends across the country so stay tuned to our Youtube channel and please subscribe. We also have a Facebook Page that consists of many industry leading Christmas light installation professionals so you can feel free to ask questions there anytime. If you’re thinking about taking the next step toward starting your own Christmas light installation business, we’re to help ALL THE WAY!!! In addition to our Facebook page, join our Facebook group Christmas Light Installer Mastermind and network with the pros! -Ron