Store Front Location

Add Christmas Products to Your Retail Business

I’m glad you’re considering the addition of Christmas lights and other Christmas products to your existing retail business location(s). In America, many retail store fronts have credited holiday lighting or Christmas light product sales as their number one revenue producer. We’re talking about Hardware Stores such as Ace Hardware, irrigation companies such as Ewing Irrigation and Nurseries or Landscape Supply Stores. Christmas lights and Christmas supplies hardly have anything to do with home repair or remodeling projects. It also has very few similarities with the irrigation industry, plants, trees or lawn care. The simple fact is, there’s only a handful of retail locations in any given area (if any) that offer commercial grade Christmas products and supplies and we’re here to help you get started!

Here at Kingdom Connection ( we are committed to assisting and equipping retail locations with setting up their store fronts with Christmas products. We offer factory direct pricing for retail location, product knowledge support and in season ordering and shipping for all Christmas products. Our company understands what it’s like to be a contractor buying from a retail location and the ins and outs of owning a commercial retail location that sells to contractors. That’s right, we have first hand knowledge of every aspect of this industry because we are currently doing both of them at the same time. For this reason and many more, you’re alignment with Kingdom Connection can be one the most profitable relationships of the season.