C9 Socket Wire 12” Spacing SPT-1 100′


This 100′ of C9 socket wire 12” spacing is perfect for your DIY homeowner.  You can decorate like the pros or order your materials and have a professional installer get the job done.

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C9 empty socket lines can help you create customized light sets that you can use for holidays, events, and other special occasions. As the top seller amongst our pro installers, and with endless possibilities, you can create unique light sets with colors that celebrate your favorite sports team going to the Super Bowl, party themes, special events, or one-of-a-kind Christmas display. Green wire empty socket line gives the opportunity to create custom lengths of lights with retrofit bulbs that match your display. Decorate like a professional installer this season!

        • • 100′ of Green Wire
        • • 100 C9 sockets spaced 12″ apart
        • • Plugs sold separately (Slide Plugs)
        • • UL rated for indoor and outdoor use
        • • Use LED bulbs to save up to 90% more energy than incandescent lights
        • Maximum bulb load:
        • • 250 (C9) LED Retrofit bulbs or 250 feet of line, whichever comes first
        • • 100 (C9) 7-watt incandescent bulbs
        • • 70 (C9) 10-watt incandescent bulbs

Maximum amperage for 18/2 gauge wire:

        • • Up to 50 feet= 10 amps
        • • 51-100 feet= 7 amps
        • • 101-150 feet= 5 amps
        • • 151-200 feet= 3.5 amps*
        • • 201-250 feet= 2.5 amps*
        • *Only used for C7/C9 perimeter lighting applications

• Case Quantity: 1

• Case Weight: 4.45 lbs.


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