Lamp Cord SPT-1 100′ Green


This SPT-1 lamp cord or zip line is used to connect C9 or C7 socket wire runs.  You’ll also need a male and female connection to power up the line or wire nuts.  This is exactly what you’re going to need to get small projects completed.

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Decorate like a professional this holiday season with our 18/2, SPT 1, Green Zip Cord. The trusted top choice for professional Christmas installers, this zip cord will allow you to customize your own power cords. With 100′ of wire you can decorate a smaller sized area to the max, by creating a customizable extension cord with multiple female plugs. Female and male plugs are sold separately, so buy as many plugs as you desire in order to create your ideal power cord for your particular wants and needs. No matter what type of a display you are creating, be sure that you take the time to have the right supplies for that professional look.

  • • 18/2 SPT 1 Green Zip Cord
  • • 100′ cord
  • • No plugs included.
  • • Perfect for creating your own power cord to cover as much space
      as possible.
  • • .03″ insulation thickness.
  • • 7 amp maximum.


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