These 50 Count 4” spacing 5MM LED wide angled mini lights are the most popular mini light product among professional Christmas light installers.  They do come already balled up and ready to be installed.

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120 Units $7.99 each

Yellow 5MM Wide Angled LED Mini Lights 50 Count 4” Spacing


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Yellow 5MM Wide Angled LED Mini Lights 50 Count 4” Spacing

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These 50 count stringers are 4” spacing which makes the entire string just over 24′ from the male to the female connection.  When your deciding between which product will look better on your Christmas light installation display, make sure your only choice in Minleon 5MM wide angled LED mini lights.


Kingdom Preferred’s commercial grade LED String Sets have a life span two years longer than retail grade competitors. Our automated manufacturing process gives us a steady consistent product with color matching from one year to the next.
• Kingdom Preferred is one, if not the only manufacturer in the industry using higher-level LED’s for commercial grade LED
• Water-resistance testing performed on 100% of mini-lights produced (we are the first manufacturer to develop and use a water test machine for mini lights)
• Patent-protected, two-wire-spacing design for each LED
• Patent-protected, one-piece design which restricts water penetration
• Dimmable

  • • Tree trunk wraps
  • • Wire frames (candy canes, snowman, etc.)
  • • Signs
  • • Christmas trees
  • • Garden & yard décor
  • • Retail storefronts

Color: red, green, blue, orange, yellow, purple, pure white, warm white, cool white, sun warm white, teal, pink & Multi R-Y-O-G-B
Type: steady/dimmable, auto-twinkle, strobe, 2-color Red-Yellow, 2-color Red-Blue, 2-color Red-Green, Quick-Changing, Slow-Changing
Spacing: 4x4x4″, 4x6x4″
Light Count: 25L, 35L, 50L, 70L, 100L
Connector: Edison, Coaxial

Sold by the case (24)

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Weight 17.85 oz
Dimensions 16 × 8.5 × 10.75 in