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I would first like to start by saying Thank You for visiting our website.  My wife Laura and I own Kingdom Christmas Lights which is a local Christmas light installation company in the greater Houston Texas area.  You may have watched a video from our Youtube Channel or possibly you’ve heard our Radio Show.  Our passion for enhancing our clients “Christmas Experience” has been the driving force behind our success and now we have created ChristmasContractor.com to expound upon that vision.  Here at Kingdom Connection, our mission is to Educate, Employ and Empower people in leadership.  This is one of the reasons we chose the slogan, “If you can get on the roof, WHY pay through the roof?”  Let’s dive into what our website offers.

Buying commercial grade Christmas light installation materials is not the easiest task if you’re not connected with the community.  There’s always however a local hardware store or irrigation company that supplies most of the products you may need but their retail pricing barely leaves enough room for you to be competitive or profitable.  This fact was the driving force and motivation behind our efforts to create ChristmasContractor.com.  We believe everyone should have access to training, a platform to connect with their peers and have access to buy like the pros.  Let’s dive deeper into WHY we started this website.

As our company has grown, we’ve simply been unable to handle the amount of clients that want Christmas light installation service in our area.  Even though we may not be able to install 3,000 homes in a season, we can still be a part of your Christmas experience on some level across the country.  That’s WHY we offer commercial grade materials, measurement assistance, contractor packs and self install kits.  With our seamless shipping solution, we can practically deliver anywhere in the United States in 2 days.  That efficiency allows us to compete in distribution and offer the best price on the best products in our marketplace.

PLEASE NOTE…  If you live in the Houston Texas area, we may have deals and products that are not listed on this website and are only available for local pickup.  If interested, we can also offer smaller quantities, business mentorship and in person training.  Lastly, for the clients that purchase materials and are connected with Kingdom, we have a business directory for our clients to find an installer in their area.  Please email us at Sales@ChristmasContractor.com with your order or questions.  Merry Christmas for our family to yours!



There’s many different reasons WHY people get into the Christmas light installation business. Some are interested in adding a service to their existing business model that will assist in keeping their workers busy during the slower winter season. Other business owners are seeking to increase their revenue and their client database during the holidays. It safe to say that most people are looking to “cash in” on the proverbial modern day gold rush and become a Christmas light installation professional. Regardless of what your motivation is for getting into this industry, we’re here to help and have a proven track record of success in this industry. Let’s start with our track record… Please click the “Continue” button to read this full story.

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Before you define the who, what, when and where, define your WHY. Mark Twain once said, “The two most important days of your life is the day that you’re born and the day that you figure out WHY.”