Define your WHY

One of the most important decisions that you can make in life is when you consciously define your WHY.  We can start with the Websters Definition of WHY which is means “for what cause, reason or purpose.”  There are many causes, reasons and purposes of what, where, when and how people do things but the real question is why?  Why do you you do the things that you do?  Imagine God having a conversation with you that sounds like this, “I know what you’re doing, I know how your doing it, I also know when and where you’re doing it.  My question for my servant is WHY are you doing what you’re doing?”  If we have not defined WHY we are doing what we are doing and WHY have we stopped doing certain things than the opposing question surfaces, why not?

WHY Kingdom Ministries was founded by a man of God who has a passion to help young men take their place in their families, the workplace and our community through His Church.  There are many children in the world that do not have a positive male role model or male influence.  To add to that statistic, the number one cause of poverty in America is single moms.  Is there a shortage of authentic Kingdom minded men in our world today?  Why do you think that is?  This battle is the Lords so we must enlisted ourselves into our Lord’s Heavenly Army and submit to His will.  May God raise up warriors in His Kingdom and birth mighty men through this ministry.

The acronym WHY stands for a Warriors Harvest in You.

1.  Warrior

The LORD is a warrior, the LORD is his name.  Exodus 15:3  In the end, there will be a mighty battle between the Holy Trinity aligned with Heaven’s armies against the 3 beasts of the earth and their army of demons.  The battle will be a spiritual one and the victory has already been claimed in the name of Jesus.

2. Harvest

God word became flesh and it dwelled among us.  His word is a seed that planted in our hearts, our hearts are the soil and the harvest is the fruits produced from His seed.  In the end our King will swing the sickle and harvest His crops.  God’s people will be placed with Jesus on the right hand side of the throne and the others will be thrown into the lake of fire.

3. You

Defining your WHY begins and ends with you.  We have been made in the image of God and we “like Him” have free will.  The presence of God has been in the form of Fire in the Bible and the world will be consumed or destroyed by fire in the end.  The priests were commissioned to keep the fire on the altar of God burning at all times and to never let it go out.  We have become the living sacrifice now in the fire of God (The Holy Spirit) is the refining Fire that burns within us.

When our Warrior has Harvested You, You will in turn begin to be a disciple and Harvest Warriors in the name of Jesus.  You know there is a difference between a Christian and a disciple right?  If you believe that Jesus is your Lord and Savior than you have become a Christian.  A disciple however tries to become more like his teacher and follow by living a life like his teacher.  Be a disciple of Jesus, be a warrior in the Heavenly Armies and let’s define our WHY.  -Amen

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