Welcome to the Kingdom Connection and website where we’re offering the Texas “Price Match Challenge”.  There are some terms and conditions that have made this possible so let’s take a look at them now.


Our “Price Match Challenge” is ONLY applicable to the purchase of Christmas light materials, equipment and supplies, NOT installation services.


The price you’re submitting for the “Price Match Challenge” has to match the quantity that’s needed to get that price.  For example, if you receive a price for a bulb based on a purchase quantity, you’ll need to purchase that quantity to get that price matched.


Let’s just say that all materials weren’t created equal.  There are brands that have a better reputation and quite frankly, a better value than others.  If you’re submitting a product for our “Price Match Challenge”, it must be matched with a similar or comparable brand.

TCD (Total Cost Delivered)

We’re proudly supporting our home state of Texas and preventing these National Distributors from destroying our local Texas businesses.  We have created a TCD or “Total Cost Delivered” for our local products.  This means, we’re incorporating the “TCD” which outlines the true product cost after the shipping to Texas has been considered.


All clients that are submitting their orders for our “Price Match Challenge” must have the price negotiated BEFORE the sale.  Any verified ads or promotions that should be taken in consideration will be addressed on your next purchase.  No retroactive discounts but your next deal will always be your best deal in Texas.


All “Price Match Challenge” submissions should be from a reputable company that has experience in Christmas light distribution.  We realize that materials are being resold on Facebook Marketplace and other “Person to Person” private sales platforms.  All pricing that will be considered however must be from a reputable distributor in the US.


We don’t have a problem putting your materials on credit cards but to be fair, there may be a “credit card processing fee” added to your “TCD” for our “Price Match Challenge”.


In support of our local Texas Christmas Distributors, we must verify that you live in our local distribution area.  This means, the “Price Match Challenge” is honored by your “Local Distributor” in our network.

COO (Cost of Ownership)

When considering the bottom line for our “Price Match Challenge”, we must take in account the COO or Cost of Ownership.  This means, we reserve the right to pass on a challenge if the product is below our true COO.  The price we paid for each item plus the cost of shipping, handling and storing these products equals the true cost of ownership.  Thanks for helping us TAKE TEXAS BACK!!!


We all know about “Uncle Sam” but if you’re tax exempt and have a “Tax Exempt Sales Certificate”, please email this to our office so we’re matching your deal correctly.  Please email your “Tax Exempt” documentation if applicable to