We are proud to announce that 2021 will be the year that Kingdom revolutionizes the Christmas light installation business.  For the first time ever, there will be a place to communicate with our online network community which consists of our industries leading professionals.  In addition, we are also offering free training on a variety of subjects to include but not limited to starting your own business, training your employees, marketing your business and ordering Christmas materials shipped right to your door at contractor prices.  This entire service is absolutely free of charge and has been funded and founded by a local ministry that has a heart to see you succeed.

When you decide to “be the boss” and start your own business, it can be a very scary experience.  In fact, most of our top motivational speakers suggest that people fear success more than failure.  For example, if I try and then fail it won’t be such a big deal because I’ve failed so many times in life before.  We tend to accumulate a wealth of experience on that particular subject.  The true fear however that one struggles with is, planning to succeed and it actually happening.  Holding the spotlight is much easier in comparison to being in the spotlight.  It’s important to understand that haters are your motivators and their criticism towards you is undeniable evidence of jealousy and confirmation that you’re doing something.

One of the most fascinating things about the Christmas light installation business in my opinion is how short the season is.  It’s imperative to have a solid business plan in place and forecast a solution to every scenario that may present itself.  Trust me, regardless of how much experience you may have in this industry, every season you’ll identify a change that’s too late to implement and say, “Next year I’m going to do it this way.”  Those moments will keep you dreaming and challenge your thinking which is the recipe for changing your life.  We collectively have decades of experience to share with you and genuinely want to see you succeed so let’s do it!

Yes it’s true that you learn just about anything online and our industry is no exception.  The most difficult challenge that our new entrepreneurs face today is developing a price point for their products and services.  This decision is contingent upon the availability of the products and your cost to acquire commercial grade Christmas lighting materials.  We have simplified this process and can now ship the products you need right to your doorstep at wholesale prices.  Check out Kingdom Connection online at to get started and remember, “This is going to be the best year ever…..  again!”

Kingdom Connection



“If you can get on the roof, WHY pay through the roof?”

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  1. We’re looking forward to this season! It’s going to be one of the best ones yet! #KingdomSelect #LightInstallers