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It’s often we hear someone question what it’s like to work year around in the Christmas business. How could you possibly work all year on a season that consists of just a few short months at best? Well I’ll answer that question right now and give you a peak into the most fascinating profession in America. The Christmas preparation business (I call it that because our installation work is pretty much done by Christmas) can be the most challenging and rewarding career choice that offers endless opportunities. This industry sets the bar for the creative and skilled labor as it’s often viewed as the proverbial modern day gold rush. Let’s see what’s going on here…

It’s now mid January and we have almost completely removed all the decorations that have been installed this season. This is a HUGE task considering we installed almost six hundred properties in 2021. That doesn’t just magically happen as fairy dust sprinkles in the heavens as you instantly become rich. Actually, it couldn’t be further from the truth. This industry is a grind and only the FEW that can handle multiple complex problems at the same time while having a SUPER HUMAN ability to read and motivate people will reach the highest levels. That’s a personal quality that (if possessed) should already have you raking in the big bucks in the career field of your choice. Just incase you have slipped through the talent evaluation cracks and are ready for a LIFE ALTERING and GROUND SHAKING opportunity, then listen up.

Guys and Gals, one of the most important steps that you need to take is the first one. That’s right, regardless of what level you’re currently on, start again from the beginning. It’s more of an inventory than anything else. Do you remember that story from the Bible that explained how a boys sack lunch could feed 5,000 men? The easiest thing to do is focus on what you don’t have or how the things that you do have is not enough to get the job done. That’s “stinking thinking” and won’t get you anywhere in life. The important first step to start with is focusing on what you do have. You may not have a laptop but you have a phone, or you may not have a car but you have a way to get around town. Don’t focus on what you don’t have, concentrate on what you DO HAVE and then use those tools to make things happen.

Secondly you have to have vision. Back in the day (the days of Abraham) Kings would never go to war without consulting someone who had “Divine Vision”. The Priest in those times were responsible for receiving a vision from God and the Kings had the ability to provide PROVISION or the resources and influence to execute this vision. **SPOILER ALERT** The veil has been torn and we have become both Kings and Priests. This means, you should have a vision of successfully operating your business and furthermore, you should have a King’s ability to find the required resources to breath life into this vision. I could go on and on here but it slowly becomes a gravitational pull that keeps opportunities in front of you. Believe me, this is an ABSOLUTE truth.

Sorry if I’m boring you to death or I lost you back at the Bible stories but this information is important. We at Kingdom Christmas Lights are currently developing new storage solutions for all of our clients and are about to schedule the fabrication team to make our commercial decorations. This will keep us busy into the summer along with the commercial estimates that start in the spring. Most of our lighting products are manufactured and shipped from China so we have to pre-ordered now so it will get here in time for 2022. This is another speculation and investment our company is currently carefully considering. Most of our clients think we whipped up this company the week before they started thinking about needing the service which couldn’t be further from the truth. This is WHY I refer to this career field as the “Christmas Preparation Business” because that’s exactly what it is, Christmas preparation. My friends, we’re all out of time right now but make sure you keep up to date with Kingdom Connection on Facebook and get connected online at this season! We’ll be looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for you! -Ron

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