Kingdom Clip


The “Kingdom Clip” is the most versatile Christmas clip in the market which allows more freedom and creativity than any other product.  The presentation of the light bulbs dates back to the original candle in the window which later became a candle on the tree.  This flame literally was a symbol to let the traveling priest know that you were welcoming them to come to your home and give you a blessing.  Now our candles have become incandescent and then LED’s but there hasn’t been a product that allowed you to have that same authentic bulb presentation until now.  Come give the “Kingdom Clip” a test drive today and be on the exclusive “BETA TEAM” for the 2023 season.  -Ron



The Kingdom Clip is a universal bi-direction circle flip clip that is perfect for any application.  Regardless if you’re attaching the commercial grade lighting to shingles or gutters, the Kingdom Clip has just what you need.  It can snap from the straight position to a 45 degree and then a 90 degree angle.  Since the “Shark Teeth” were placed in the middle of the ring, you can put the socket in any direction making this the most versatile clip in the history of Christmas lights.


Get your “Kingdom Clip” today on and remember that we sell them by the case.  (2,000).  Since this is a new product that everyone is looking for, make sure you buy early and often while supplies last.


Laura and I have been 100% in the Christmas light installation industry “FULL TIME” and have dedicated our lives in making the best “CHRISTMAS EXPERIENCE” for our clients.  This clip has been in the works for the past few years and it’s an absolute honor to have designed and manufactured this product.

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Bag of 100, Case of 2000


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