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Tired of using Male and Female connections all the time? This quick connection plug will allow you to use 1 plug to run your power to your socket wire.  Graded for SPT-1, slides on like the male/female connections. Save time and money with this great connection.



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The Quick Connect plug by Kingdom Connection is exactly what you need to get the job done on your Christmas light installation project.  This simple and easy to use plug can literally replace both the male and female connection when replacing lines.  We actually use them with our installation business, Kingdom Christmas Lights, not only because of how easy to use they are but also for the safety features that built in with them in comparison to your typical male / female connections.  Let me explain…

This product comes with the plastic base and then two backs that slide on to either side.  The only thing you need to do to make this application work is to press the green wire in there and then slide the backs on.  This is just what our industry has been waiting for!

If you were using lights from a previous year that had a male or female connection somewhere in the line that had been overlooked during the installation process, that would make for a dangerous situation.  Secondly, imagine you’re trying to hook two lines together but one of them that should be the male connection is needed to be hooked up inline.  This is another example that would make for a dangerous situation in the field.  We recommend for many different reasons to get the Kingdom Connection “QUICK CONNECT” and install like the pros!  #QuickConnect #KingdomSelect #LightInstallers #SlidePlugs


When using this product, you’re also going to need the socket wire, lamp cord and C9 bulbs….  🙂



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